Pastoral Care

Care and support for our students

We are proud to work in partnership with parents, governors and the school, to ensure that each student is nurtured as an individual and encouraged to thrive throughout their time with us.

Staff are always on hand to listen and support our students, providing a homely atmosphere with structure, routines and clear boundaries for every young person. Parents are kept informed of students’ progress as well as any issues or concerns that are raised.

Each boarder meets regularly with their boarding personal tutor to discuss how they are getting on and to sort out any problems. Each boarder will be looked after by a Boarding Tutor (who is one of the House Parent team) who has special responsibilities for a small group of boarders and who acts as a link between the Boarding House and the School. 

The staff in the boarding house work closely with day school staff in monitoring the work, effort, behaviour and overall wellbeing of boarders in the school. 

Boarders are interviewed, regularly and informally, about their work, and how they are progressing and senior boarders also act as role models and mentors for younger students at the boarding house.

New Boarders

If you are new to boarding and are about to join us, we extend a special welcome to you.  You and your family are no doubt a little anxious about making the initial steps with us but we urge you to enjoy the excitement and the build-up.  

You certainly have nothing to worry about.  Every year up to 80 new boarders join us and we are well practiced at welcoming new families to ours. However daunting it may first appear, the boarding routine will become second nature surprisingly quickly. 

New students will go through a thorough induction programme and will be paired up with an experienced student mentor to whom he/she may go to with any queries.  This student mentor, or ‘buddy’, will be a reliable and caring boarder who will be able to set a good example and who will have a genuine interest in helping new students to settle in.

 All boarders are encouraged to give each newcomer a warm welcome and be as supportive as possible. To support this, new boarders are linked to a boarder of a similar age (a buddy) to take a special helpful interest in their settling in period, both in the Boarding House and day-school.

The Boarding Tutor will also have regular contact with each new boarder and will explain the contents of this handbook to him/her. Parents will be informed who their son/daughter’s boarding tutor is on the day of arrival.

Contact with home

Regular communication and contact between boarders and their families is strongly encouraged.

Parents and other family members are welcome to visit at any time. Families are permitted to visit bedrooms on arrivals day, but afterwards accommodation areas are out of bounds. This is to give the appropriate privacy to other boarders.

Boarders are permitted to visit their home on any weekend, and telephones are also available onsite for regular calls home.

Information about our School and Boarding House policies can be found on the Dallam School website.


“The boarding staff offer an excellent level of care. Staff work well with boarders, encouraging them to be involved in different aspects of the school, including sports, activities and volunteering within the community” Boarding Ofsted, September 2018

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